About Matrix Living

Matrix Living is the leading innovator in designing and building modular structures, which has delivered more than 5,000 units across Europe, Australia, North America, and Asia.Our modular homes approach accelerates the building process, which exceed homeowner expectations by ensuring your vision and options come together within your time frame and budget.


Matrix living process means your new home can be customized to complement your family’s lifestyle, whether you like it more traditional or more modern.


Experienced designers team can meet any homes idea. We can provide advice+ full 3D renders for you to see how your idea look like.


Our team of specialists will make your house to the highest of standards, meeting building standards, fire regulations + providing structural sign-offs.

Our Projects

We can create any container modular building, Prefabricated house, Light steel structural building or Functional modular container including: Residential, Commercial, Industrial modular buildings and more!

BER 3 Student Apartment

BER 3 Student Apartment is located in Europe with separate kitchen and bathroom.

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REK Smart home

The villa is a combination of luxury, comfort and intelligence.

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LUN Motel

The whole hotel is built by stacking shipping containers.

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ZHUHAI-B Commercial Building

The ZHUHAI-B nodular commercial building integrates different functional area all in one building.

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ZHUHAI-H Modular Hospital

Zhuhai-H Hospital is a project of customized container as module.

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The Pa apartment has an independent kitchen and bathroom with a total area of 75-85 square meters.

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Matrix modular house is low-cost, sturdy construction makes it safe and secure, energy-saving, short manufacturing and installation process period, flexibility design and so on.

Safe and Secure

Resists almost any natural disaster such as typhoon, flood, earthquake and more


transport as container, from installation to check-in one month

Energy saving

from transport to installation, can achieve NO noise NO pollution, can be used in combination with any environmentally friendly energy


based on single-double or triple modular can be matched apartments, villas and almost all kinds of type


from production to installation on site, move-in, can be completed within 3-6 months, now assembling requires only a few workers and machinery, saving a lot of manpower and times.


compared with traditional construction cost saving more than 50%


Easy to assemble and disassemble, long life span capacity


The doors, windows and front and back walls can be exchanged each other. And the partition walls according to the customers’ requirements.

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