REK Smart home

The villa is a combination of luxury, comfort and intelligence. All the doors and windows apply ALUK system, thermal insulation profile triple insulating glass. What’s more, the lights inside are controlled by the WIFI.

REK smart home is combined by two standard 40-foot high cube container, with two bedrooms, one living room and a bathroom, covered 60 square meters villa.

Technical parameters

  Module   224
  Floor   4
  Floor space   4000M²
  Location   Europe
  Standard   EN
  Production time   60days
  Assembly on site (days)   30days

Structural system

  Fire prevention time   60 minutes
  Sound absorption coefficient   ≥-50dB
  Heat transfer coefficient   U value≤2.0W/m2·K
Classification of wind resistance   Category 12 hurricane
  Anti-seismic grade   7 degrees seismic fortification    intensity
  Service life   ≥ 30 years (as a permanent building )

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