ZHUHAI-B Commercial Building

The Matrix Living ZHUHAI-B shipping container commercial building is a container building in Zhuhai which integrates office, cultural activity platform and youth community activity center all in one building.


The Bee+ includes 100 stations, a Chinese and Western restaurant, a quiet bar, a public printing room, a kitchen, a gym, a multi-functional room, and several conference rooms.

Technical parameters

  Module   224
  Floor   4
  Floor space   4000M²
  Location   Europe
  Standard   EN
  Production time   60days
  Assembly on site (days)   30days

Structural system

  Fire prevention time   60 minutes
  Sound absorption coefficient   ≥-50dB
  Heat transfer coefficient   U value≤2.0W/m2·K
Classification of wind resistance   Category 12 hurricane
  Anti-seismic grade   7 degrees seismic fortification    intensity
  Service life   ≥ 30 years (as a permanent building )

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